LEGOLAND Dubai launches a brand-new Attraction: LEGO Ever-changing Play Box

LEGOLAND Dubai launches a brand-new Attraction: LEGO Ever-changing Play Box


Discover an exciting new LEGO® adventure at LEGOLAND® Dubai. Coming to the UAE for the very first time, the LEGO Ever-changing Play Box will open its doors to the public on 27th April. Nestled within MINILAND, home to iconic brick-built models such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Airport, and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, all crafted from an astonishing 20 million LEGO bricks, this six-part interactive experience invites guests to step into a world where every brick holds endless possibilities.

Embark on a bricktastic adventure that promises limitless creativity and fun for the whole family. A one-of-a-kind LEGO experience that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and imagination. From uncovering the LEGO Group’s storied past to hands-on building activities and regional showcases of the LEGO Group’s impact, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this ever-evolving play space that inspires creativity and “Learning Through Play”:

History: Guests can delve into the rich heritage of the LEGO Group with an interactive history tour. Uncover fascinating facts and collect special LEGO cards as they explore hidden doors and slide away panels.

Brick by Brick: Families can witness the magic of transformation as they marvel at the evolution of the iconic 2×4 red LEGO brick. Witness how a single piece can inspire endless possibilities.

Build: At the Build area, visitors can dive into hands-on fun. They can select their bricks and follow step-by-step instructions on iPads to construct one of three exciting models.

Inspire: Guests can experience the vibrant culture of the region in the “Yalla Habibi” zone, dedicated to showcasing unique LEGO® builds and designs that highlight regional creativity.

Rebuild: Visitors can step into the future at the Rebuild zone, where they can unbox imagination, use pieces from existing models to create something entirely new and share their masterpieces in a digital gallery.

Picture-Perfect Moments: Before exiting the LEGO® Ever-changing Play Box, families can capture unforgettable memories with the LEGO built car or tiger.

Admission to the LEGO Ever-changing Play Box is included with day tickets to LEGOLAND® Dubai. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience.




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