Darrell Wade, championing Responsible Tourism announces ‘Intrepid 2030 Strategy’ in Thailand

Darrell Wade, championing Responsible Tourism announces ‘Intrepid 2030 Strategy’ in Thailand


Darrell Wade


Darrell Wade, the Chair and Co-Founder of Intrepid Travel the world’s largest adventure travel company and a leader in responsible tourism has made a special visit to Thailand to highlight the company’s 2030 strategy and the importance of Thailand as a destination to their plans.

As part of its commitment to its global teams, Intrepid’s co-founders and CEO, who are based in Australia, are travelling to every one of the company’s 27 country offices this year to meet with Intrepid’s team and stakeholders with the aim to introduce the company’s 2030 Strategy. 

Intrepid currently employs 18 staff, 40 local trip leaders and operates 22 trips across the country. In 2023, it supported almost 5,000 travellers in exploring Thailand in a conscious manner. “Darrell’s visit is a demonstration of the commitment to Thailand and the region. As Intrepid’s first destination, the company has been bringing people to Thailand for 35 years and we are every bit as committed today as when we first started,” stated Mike Stewart, General Manager, Thailand.

With opportunities to interact and stay with local communities, enjoy local food and discover the real Thailand, it isn’t just the economics of supporting the tourism economy, but the positive local impact created which is at the core of Intrepid’s approach.  “Through our unique style of sustainable immersive travel – both with and for the local communities – our travellers are able to experience the true beauty of Thailand, its culture and its people”, said Stewart.

Long boat and rocks on railay beach in Krabi, Thailand


Beyond Thailand, the 2030 Strategy involves a global ambition to double its global customers to 600,000 (320,000 in 2023), achieve revenues of $1.3bn ($621m in 2023) and contribute 1% of revenue to Purpose initiatives. It plans to deepen its vertical integration to expand into areas including accommodation and grow its presence in key countries, including Thailand. 

One way that Intrepid supports local communities is via its not-for-profit, the Intrepid Foundation. This has raised more than $15.5M for communities around the world since 2002. In 2023, the Intrepid Foundation joined forces with a local organisation, EcoThailand to engage and support the local community with education programs that teach how to maintain and improve environmental problems at a local level. EcoThailand focuses on four main areas: the environment, education, community and eco-tourism. 

“Our values align around the importance of influencing the views and actions of communities through education, especially of our next generation in environmental conservation”, shared Stewart.  Jintamard Sinlapaprommard, Vice Director and co-founder, EcoThailand Foundation said “We thank Intrepid for its ongoing support; the environmental education and impacts on sustainability will help provide long term solutions to key issues facing us now, and in the future, in Thailand”.

Intrepid believes by growing its business, it can achieve more positive outcomes for local communities from tourism. As a certified B Corp, with the highest standard of social and environmental performance, this is a key priority for the business in Thailand and around the world.  



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