Cendyn’s World Tour kicks off in New York

Cendyn’s World Tour kicks off in New York


The calendar of Cendyn’s World Tour 2024


The Cendyn World Tour kicked off in New York City, Tuesday 23rd April, as part of a ten-date globetrotting adventure of innovation, connection, and industry transformation with leading technology partners.

In partnership with Google, SiteMinder, Tripadvisor, Infor, Shiji, Mews, and Oracle, the Cendyn World Tour 2024 aims to empower hoteliers with data, resources, and the latest trends from across the hospitality industry. The event series is dedicated to driving demand and enhancing profitable revenue for hotels – both through direct bookings and fostering loyalty among guests.

Kicking off in New York City, the tour will visit ten locations: Bangkok, Paris, LA, Miami, Madrid, Singapore, Dubai, and London, before concluding in Cancun in November. The afternoon workshop sessions highlight the pivotal role integrated technology plays in attracting and managing direct business, as well as guiding hoteliers through the ever-competitive travel landscape.


Attendees at first event of Cendyn World Tour in New York City


Jack Blaha, CEO at Cendyn, said: “With our valued partners, we’re excited for hoteliers to learn how they can find more guests, source more direct bookings, and grow revenue. The Cendyn World Tour will help hoteliers create uniquely meaningful experiences that drive demand while balancing direct bookings with reputable online distribution channels to maximize reach and revenue potential.”

Siteminder will be joining Cendyn for all tour dates to further support hoteliers’ understanding of the technology partnerships at play which enable them to improve revenue and commercial opportunities.

The Cendyn World Tour is by invitation only with hotel delegates selected by their presence in and around the tour locations.







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